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3rd May, 2001

When life bogs you down, the house is a mess and the dog just chewed your best pair of shoes...it's time to take your mind on a journey.....

They call it 'PMS' because 'Mad Cow Disease' was already taken

Netwomen Rejoice!   We have not only embraced the turbid world of the internet, but bent it's will to our purpose.  Where else do we get to express ourselves so freely? Congratulations to all of you who have overcome a fear of all things technical and made yourselves at home on the world wide web.

This is where I get to utilise my 15 minutes of fame and bore you silly with my version of the inane.

Do you know someone who has been on the net too long?  Send them an Internet Parking Notice. Check out some non-food web recipes, or look through my list of useless information. I've even added some techy stuff including a technical glossary.  If you are a curious person, you could always look in on the Kitchen Bench to see who's cooking, or check out my free software. If you've been here before...go straight to the updates. Oh...and if you are a female and have a webpage, send me your URL for my women's links page.

A burning question for you all.....Should marriage be a 10 year contract?
I can't make my mind up on this one, so I would welcome your comments.  Email me. Click here to view what other people think.

The Wit and Wisdom of Rasta the Wonderdog

Ever wondered what goes on in a dogs' mind? Rasta gives a dog's eye view of life in our household, and also his views on bone-ism and the meaning of life.

Mumble, Mumble....

Ever heard of "The Thoughts of Nanushka"? Well this isn't it...

Bleary Eyed Links on the Month

I too have a links page, this is my collection of strange and wonderful sites that I ferret out on late night forays into the web.


Read my list of things that really sh*t me about being the only female I know on the web (with contributions from other females also).

The Braincell Honours List

Is a collection of links devoted to those Mums who have overcome the degenerative effect of motherhood and produced meaningful, unique and educational homepages.

The Women's Links

Is a collection of links to pages designed by women and/or for women (sorry.....no porn here)

And lastly, two special pages that I sponsor.. Holly's homepage.   and Daniel's Homepage!

Some Great Aussie Search Engines:

WebSearch .... Matilda .... Web Wombat .... Anzwers .... Australian Internet Directories .... AuSearch


Starting Point .... Looksmart ... 2ask


Voted a Webquests Best of the Web





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