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Description: Banding Station 2001

Description: Bassian thrush on Rotamah

Description: Yellow tailed black cockatoo hen


Lake Wellington Wetlands Bird Study Project

Rotamah Island Bush Birds Monitoring

Breeding Biology of the Striated Fieldwren (Calamanthus fuliginosus)

Assisting with Banding Projects

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Description: Golden whistler hen

Description: Gippsland King Parrot

Description: Brown Goshawk at Sale Common

Description: Golden headed cisticola

Description: Scaley breasted lorikeet

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Rotamah Island Banding Summary 1980 - 2001 : XL Spreadsheet


Lake Wellington Project Banding Sites (Site 7 Blackall Ck. Stratford on Right) and the


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Our grateful thanks go to the Australian Bird Study Association Inc. (ABSA) for their generous provision of Mist Nets from their Avian Research Fund in support of these projects

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