Joshua RAMSDELL born 1813 in Arlington, Middlesex Co, MA, America married Francis Fanny PERKINS (daughter of Lathrop PERKINS and Anna Frost. Lathrop was born in 1779 and Anna was born in 1783) on 23 May 1833 in Arlington, Middlesex Co., MA, America and their children were:
Annie born 1838 at Arlington, Middlesex Co., MA, America
Varnum born 1840 at Newton, Middlesex Co., MA, America
Adonaram Judson born 4th February1842 at Newton, Middlesex Co., MA, America
George F born 17 Mar 1844, at Netwonville, Middlesex Co, MA, America
Hattie born 1844 at Newtonville, Middlesex Co., MA, America

Adonaram Judson RAMSDELL - Born 4 Feb 1842 Netwonville, County Middlesex, MA, America. On June 15, 1871, he was married in Providence, Rhode Island, to Adelaide Augusta RUMRELL who was living in Watertown, about four miles north of Newton, Mass., at the time by Congregational pastor Edward Bartlett. She had been born in New York City to Artemas and Hannah. Artemas gave his birthplace as Townsend. Addie died in Newton on July 2, 1875 from diptheria, aged 33years, 10 months and 14 days and was buried there. Adoniram stated that they had no children.

Adoniram left Newton for Australia on July 12, 1877. He was married to Grace McIntyre MCLEAN born 24 August, 1856 in Launceston, Tasmania, the daughter of David MCLEAN and Isabella McPherson, in North Fitzroy on June 4, 1881 by the Rev.Adam Anderson. It was her first marriage. Grace was born at Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.
Their children were:

Leila Isabell born 1881 in Richmond, Victoria Australia.

Aubry J (L?) Born 13 Oct 1883

George Perkins born in 1886 in Preston Victoria, Australia

Warren David born 15 Jun 1890

Norman Arthur born in 1894 in Yea, Victoria, Australia

William Ennis born 23 Sep 1897

Adonoram Judson RAMSDELL died in 1916 at Melbourne East, Victoria, Australia. He was buried on the 11th January, 1916 at Coburg Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. Grace, a resident of Sarsfield, Victoria, that they had not been divorced although they appear to having been living separaetly for some time. Grace died on February 23, 1937, as a result of internal problems associated with a gastric ulcer.

Warren David RAMSDELL, born 15 Jun 1890 married Kathleen JOLLEY born 1894, Cowora New South Wales who is the daughter of Edward and Katherine JOLLEY of New South Wales, Australia.

Their children were:

Edward John born 4th November, 1916 at Jerilderie, New South Wales, Australia.

William David who was Edward John's twin born 4th November, 1916 at Jerilderie, New South Wales died 1919 in Jerilderie, New South Wales, Australia.

Ella Theresa born ? married Peter Ambrose STOKES in 1938 in Tocumwal, New South Wales, Australia.

Peter born ? married Annie (who is Edward John's first wifes cousin.)

Edward John (known as Jack) married Ida Avis TINDALE born 15th January, ?, on the 8th April, 1939, who is the daughter of Francis TINDALE and Rose SCANDOLERA .
Francis is the son of William TINDALE and Eliza Jane SHUTTLEWORTH married in 1877 in New South Wales, Australia. Eliza SHUTTLEWORTH was born in Lincolnshire, England. Rose SCANDOLERA was born in 1877 at Charlton East in Victoria, Australia and is the daughter of Christopher Giovanni SCANDOLERA and Mary Anne O'NEILL who married in 1870 in Victoria, Australia. Christopher was born in Rome, Italy.

Jack and Ida spent most of their life in Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. In 1987 Jack and Ida divorced and Jack married Dylis ? on the 28th of October, 1989 at Lake Tyers, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. They made their home at Lake Tyers until Jack died in July of 1993 and is buried at Lakes Entrances Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.

The children from Jack and Ida are:

Maria Patricia born 28 April, 1940 married James Greenwood and live in Sale, Victoria, Aus.. Their children are Stephen, Carol and Brian (twins) and Judy. Stephen married Joy ?, Carol married Paul SCHULTZ and their children are Stacey and ?, Judy (unmarried) had a child called Benjamin.

Dawn born 1st July, 1941. Dawn died when she was 13 years. She is the twin of Adele.

Adele born 1st July, 1941. Adele died when she was 6 months old.

Pauline Claire born 30th October, 1943 at Neerim, Victoria, Australia married Kevin Austin SHINE on the 1st of May, 1965 at St Brendons Catholic Church, Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia. Kevin Austin was born 27th January, 1941 at Yallourn, Victoria, Australia and is the son of Kevin Burke and Pearl Hazel AUSTIN. Kevin and Pauline's children are Jacqueline Margaret and Kevin Patrick. (I will do me further down the page.) Kevin Patrick born 23rd June, 1967 at Yallourn, Victoria, Aus. married Melinda Jayne COX born 15th March, 1968 at Yallourn, Victoria, Aus. Their children are Chloe Elizabeth born at Clayton, Victoria on the 4th January, 1989, Renee Claire born at Moe, Victoria, Aus on the 27th January, 1991 and Darcy Elise born at Moe, Victoria, Aus on the 14th November, 1992. Pauline and Kevin divorced in 1977 and Pauline moved to Southport, Queensland, Australia where she married Noel Francis SAMPSON on the 27th February, 1981.

Margaret born 7th March, 1945 married Roy HENDERSON. Their children are Nicole, Jason and Chantelle. Margaret and Roy divorced and Margaret remarried Steven LOWE and they live in Sale, Victoria, Aus.

Edward John born 21 January, 1949 married Annette ? Since then he has been married three times .

Victoria Mary was born on the 15th January, 1950 at Bairnsdale, Victoria, Aus and Married Michael CAMPBELL born 17th October, 1952 at Morwell, Victoria, Aus. Their children are Joshua John born 7th January, 1976 at Dandenong Victoria, Aus, Luke Daniel born 3rdOctober, 1977 at Bairnsdale, Victoria, Aus, Rachel Delise born 25th March, 1979 at Barinsdale, Victoria, Aus, and Matthew born 23rd November, 1981 at Orbost, Victoria, Aus. Victoria (Vicki) and Michael seperated in January 1994.

Christopher born 13th May 1952 married Nicole ? Their children are Naomi, Sean and Daniel. Christopher and Nicole divorced in the late 80's. Christopher died in 1993 and is buried beside Jack RAMSDELL in the Lakes Entrance Cemetery, Victoria, Aus.

Christine born 29th August, 1953 married Anthony Charles GREENWOOD born 29th November, 1951. Their children are Adam Paul born 1st November, 1975, Justin born 8th August, 1976, Taeha Jae born stillborn in 1978 and is buried at the Rosebud Cemetery, Victoria, Aus, Rebecca Tae born ? and Timothy Charles born ? Christine and Anthony divorced. Christine moved to Southport, Queensland, Aus and married Peter JOHNSON in September, 1996.

Now me!!!!

Jacqueline Margaret born 3rd October, 1965 at Yallourn, Victoria , Aus. Married Gregory Donald LEE on the 22nd of February, 1988 at my fathers property in Trafalgar East, Victoria, Aus.. Our children are Jessica Anne born 29th November, 1987 at Moe, Victoria, Aust and Symon James born 28th January, 1990. Gregory and I seperated in February, 1993 and were divorced in June 1994. I then met Stephen Daniel O'SULLIVAN born 24th September, 1968 at Traralgon, Victoria, Aust to Michael Stephen O'SULLIVAN and Colleen Anne DOWNEY and we had a whirlwind romance and were married on the 3rd of December, 1995 at his parents house in Moe, Victoria, Aust. On the 29th of October, 1996 our son Joshua Stephen was born.