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Click on the speaker to hear the "Teletubbies" theme song.


Knit the Teletubbie Jumper

The Teletubbies are in town. Get ready to fall in love with Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa Laa and Po..........

They're cute, they're colorful, they've got TV sets in their tummies and pre-schoolers will absolutely love them!

They are on Weekday mornings on the ABC at 7.30am.

The Teletubbies are the hottest kids act in Britain for years, and chances are that Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po will soon be household names here in Australia.

The unusual, cuddly creatures are set to delight young ABC viewers in Mixy Presents, a new show hosted by Mixy, the Rabbit, from Feral TV.

Multiply by a hundred the hype generated by Bananas in Pyjamas and The Wiggles and you'll have some idea of the impact of Teletubby mania in the UK. They even give the Spice Girls a run for their money.

A number one hit single was followed by a mountains of videos, toys and souvenir paraphernalia.

And the Tubbies even made front page news after a public debate about Tubby power was sparked by a group of angry mothers.

Children seem to relate to the Teletubbies in an extraordinary way. Creator Anne Wood says: " Teletubbies are toys waiting to be played with.

"They know nothing except how to play. We tested the show on 20 month olds, who knew this instinctively and bounced up and down with joy at the sight of them".

"Our rather more grown-up three year olds rejoiced in the fact that they knew more than the Teletubbies!"

Some mothers in Britain strongly questioned the Tubbies educational value and their use of baby talk instead of proper language.

In their defense, Anne says speech therapists have proved talking is the last, not the first part of the language puzzle, and that the Tubbies babyish voices actually develop speech.

"Children will find the Teletubbies' attempts to speak as funny, and so will feel confident in joining in."

"Like children coming into the world, the Teletubbies know nothing. Children watching know this".

We watch the Teletubbies every morning without fail. We have got the Po toy, video, socks and a T-Shirt of the Teletubbies. My 16month old loves it, and so do the older ones. It's a great show.

As seen in Australian TV Week 14.2.98

Article by Simon Marks

Dipsy (green) has distinctive dance steps and way of saying hello. His special song is "Bptum, bptum, bptum, bptum".

Tinky Winky (Purple), the largest and gentlest Teletubby, likes to sing his own Tinky Winky song. He loves to dance and fall over on his back, and is best friends with Po.

Po (red), the smallest Teletubby, jumps up and down a lot to express her feelings. She whizzes around on her scooter and like to control the switches in their house.

Laa Laa (yellow), the happiest Teletubby, loves to sing and dance. Her favourite word is "nice" and Dipsy is her best friend. She loves playing with her ball and she stands pigeon-toed when she is thinking.


Tellytubbyland is a pleasant land with green hills, lots of flowers, bushes

and rabbits and their home - the Tubbytronic Superdome.

The Superdome is equipped with

-a slide from a hole in the roof to the center of the dome.

-four beds made exactly to the size of each Teletubby.

-the Tubby Custard machine

-the Tubby Toaster.

-a dining table and four chairs.

-automatic sliding doors.

-four windows facing north, south, east and west.

-a console in the center with lots of lights, levers and switches.


Noo-Noo lives in the tubbyttronic superdome and

is the Teletubbies vacuum cleaner. Noo-Noo has a mind of it's own

and a flashing red light on his back. The Tubbies often call (him/her)

naughty Noo-Noo because apart from tidying up after the Teletubbies

Noo-Noo sucks up Tubby toast before it's eaten, their special blankets

while the Tubbies are asleep and sometimes even their favourite things.

But sometimes when Noo-Noo returns their things (he/she)

gets a BIG HUG from all the Teletubbies.

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