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1 or 2 unlimited Bank Accounts
A truck load of money
One powerful PC with all the doohickies
One money hungry ISP
Many diskettes and extra hard drive space
An understanding partner/family


Liberally grease a large PC with a truck load of money and add the chopped packet of bytes. Cook lightly and then add the ISP, several diskettes and a few well chosen swear words.

If the mixture looks a bit frozen, turn off the power to the PC and prepare to throw the lot out the window and start again.

If all is going well and the bytes are simmering along at about 28.8 kbps, download into the mixture a bug free browser and zip program. These should cook for approximately 15-20 minutes.

After clicking on the browsers to free up the lumps you are ready to enter the final stage of the cooking process. It is at this point that you must watch your own braincells as the mixture becomes volatile and inhalation may cause you to lapse into a coma-like condition which can last for several hours at a time on a daily basis. This is especially so if you have added a chat program or two, or a xxx site for extra spice!

At this point you should also speak to your family, as it may be the last time they get a coherent thought from you for the rest of the year. (Such is the danger of this brew!)

Finally, prepare a side order of numerous cups of coffee, packets of chips (crisps), and blocks of chocolate. Serve hot at any time of the day!

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