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1 very lazy dog 1 fireplace mat
1 packet of chocolate biscuits 1 warm fireplace
1 small side table 1 cup coffee/tea
A bloody good book


Place one comfy soft fireplace mat on the floor to warm in front of the nearest heater on a cool day. Next drag an easy chair close to the rug, make yourself a cup of coffee. While the coffee is brewing, find yourself a great book that you have been wanting to read for months and place this on a small table next to the chair. Finally sneak into the pantry and very, very quietly open a packet of chocolate biscuits without crackling the paper.

If you are successful at not alerting the dog/children/husband/wife of your whereabouts, creep towards the chair with your booty and prepare to sit down. By this time the dog should be in place (of his own accord) hogging all the heat from the fire and looking up at you expectantly with a gleam in his eyes and dribble forming in the corner of his mouth.

Now..this next step must be done very smoothly and quickly so as not to alert the dog of your intention. In one movement drop the biscuit on the table, grab the end of the rug and roll the dog up in it and drag the offending mongrel out of the room. Before he can unravel himself slam the door, sit in the chair with a big satisfied smile on your face and ENJOY!

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