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Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and all that...I'm celebrating, this is my first Christmas on the internet!! This time last year I had no inkling that I would be boring the crap out of you :-)

Tis the season to be jolly.....well I'm pretty jolly, JOLLY TIRED of shopping! I never thought I'd complain about shopping, my husband is in shock and I don't blame him. Us women of the species have this insane urge left over from the stone age to gather supplies....you never know when the cataclysm is going to hit are you?

At least I'm organised for Christmas (crossing my fingers) the male of the species invariably will wait until the 24th and madly dash about getting incredibly harassed looking for the perfect gift. This is where the caveman probably had it good, you know......go out into the wilderness (modern equivalent: shopping mall), put his life at risk (enter a lingerie shop and guess your mate's bra/panty size), kill a wild beastie (go to the pub and have the beer you so desperately need), return to the cave (modern home) and dump your hunk of dead meat on the eating platform for the female to prepare (dump your parcel under the tree), sit back and receive your mates thanks (ditto).

Christmas won't be so much fun for a peeping tom suspect arrested in Virginia. Instead of leaving fingerprints or DNA at the scene of the crime, police matched his lip print with one from an apartment window!! Puts a new slant on the saying "kiss and tell" doesn't it! Does this mean that toe prints will dob in someone with a foot fetish, or bottom prints on windows of cars of pranksters doing 'brown eyes'? As usual the mind boggles.

Anyway Merry Christmas from "The Kitchen Sinker"