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As usual the newspaper headlines for the month have set the creative juices flowing yet again....I find it incredible that I even sit down to read them every morning!

Talking about creative juices.....psychologists at Middlesex University in England have spent many hours proving that exercise improves mood and creative thinking, all I can say is thank God that I'm a couch potato! I'm usually off with the fairies (creatively) as it is without doing aerobics and charging the braincells into more activity!

There was also an article stating that "having a mobile phone robs a person of 16km of walking exercise a year". So, even us couch and computer potatoes can feel good about the fact that we have walked 16km more than someone with a bit of plastic stuck to their head. I don't know that I could believe that it really robs users of exercise though. I always thought that mobile phones were like a key to a wind up toy.....plug one onto the head and watch the toy pace up and down, the mouth opens and closes and sometimes it even make the arms move too! Looks like hard work to me.

New Scientist magazine warns that astronauts setting foot on Mars may face unimaginable hazards!!! These hazards include - muscle wastage, bone loss, equipment failure, and the very real risk of going mad. It had me going there for a while until I realised that they said astronauts on Mars and not new parents on Earth! Sounded pretty normal to me, perhaps they could utilise the services of homes with new babies to do their pre-flight training?!!

More down to earth stuff....Rasta the Wonderdog is still fat! Somehow he's worked out how to open a 'child-proof' gate and escapes daily to raid some poor cats dinner. I'm sure it's cat food because his sardine breath could knock over a horse at sixteen paces! I wonder if they do liposuction on dogs?