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Mumble, mumble.....(Part 4)

Help! I think I've got writer's block, I wonder if they've developed some sort of suppository that may help? Maybe I could use a pencil and "work it out" (sorry that's about the lowest joke I'll ever throw at you). Anyway on with the drivel!

In New York a young mother was charged with neglecting her children due to her 'internet addiction', yes folks it really happened, but you wouldn't believe her name "Sandra HACKER" Born to it I reckon....I wonder if I should change my name to "Carolyn LeavemealoneI'monthenet" or maybe "Carolyn BeyondtheKitchenSink" and wait for it...."Carolyn MyfingersarefusedtothekeyboardandIcan'texit"

Enough of that stuff....todays papers had a story of a bank robber in Virginia who stuffed the loot into his pants and voila...instant hot pants! The money had a dye bomb in it, imagine trying to tell the Doctor why your genitals were burnt and red..the mind boggles.

More male stuff has hit the headlines this month with headings like "Sex drives men to the grave" and to top off the heading the study was made using nematode worms no less...a Freudian slip perhaps? It would seem that Eunuchs lived on average 13.5 years longer than intact males, so when we find hubby in bed with someone else and attack him with scissors, we can stand up in court and defend our actions as trying to extend our partners' life!

How about this one..Smart dads a waste of genes! apparently women pass on the brains, whilst men pass on the primitive urges (so what's new?!!). And last of all "Study shows men inept" men are supposed to be programmed to be socially inept, maybe it's a leftover from the cave days. Grug left the cave to hunt because Oggra and her friends bored him to death with their gossip, and they only did that to get fed you know!

Lastly does anyone know how to cure a dog of a fear of balloons? (see Rasta the Wonderdog no.4)