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Mumble, Mumble.....(Part 19)


The Christmas madness is upon us yet again...and what do you get the person who has everything? 

How about a see-through fridge.  A Swedish inventor has come up with a fridge with doors that look like an ordinary mirror, until the fridge light is turned on.  It's supposed to save on power because you don't have to open it to see what you want, but I think the ultimate worth is in the mirror effect.  Why I hear you ask?  Because if I had to look at my wobbly bits every time I hit the fridge I'd save power on opening it too.

 And talking of wobbly bits....another newspaper article is claiming that you should forget about going to the gym, because the ultimate get fit and lose weight area is in cleaning your home.  Oh gee whiz, I never figured that one out.  I actually know a few people who pay someone to clean their house so they can have the time (to pay) to go to the gym and work up a sweat.    I work up a sweat just thinking about cleaning, cooking and reorganising the families flotsam and jetsam as it is.  

It seems that there is another area (besides housework) that can burn calories.  There is a new weight loss guide book out called Sexercise with Monti and Mindi.  This book gives you a calorie by calorie breakdown of each of the sexual, ummmm, practises.  The author Aleksandar Vass points out that even worrying about sex will help you lose weight because it also burns calories.   So therein lies my dilemma, should I do the housework or go to bed and worry???  

But who wants to be stick thin anyway, the latest study on the lifestyle of the super models has revealed that poor diets, coffee and smoking has resulted in not only bean pole figures, but halitosis!  So it's a case of looking great from a distance, maybe that's why they always use catwalks???

Exploding RATS!  Yes I know it has nothing to do with models, but I caught your attention didn't I!  In WW2 Britain skinned rats and filled them with plastic explosives.  After sewing them up again to look like real rats they were left around next to boilers in enemy factories in the hope that the workers would dispose of them in the flames.  It makes James Bond look a little tame doesn't it. 

And lastly, perhaps the award for stupid thieves must go to a man from Victoria, Australia who drove his car into a Ford Factory carpark and then calmly walked over to a new vehicle awaiting shipment and drove off in it.  Unfortunately his old vehicle was registered in his father's name so it didn't take long for the police to find him.