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Mumble, Mumble....(part 15)

Have you ever thought of your pc as a poker machine?  I have recently...it seems that the more money I put into it the less I get out of it.   So here I am an upgrade and new drive later, poorer than when I started out, but boy is it fun!    Perhaps I should have talked my better half into investing in a playstation as well so I can get quality pc time. On any given day you can see me throwing children, husbands and dog left and right to fight my way to my most precious possession (you guessed it..the pc!).  I can see us becoming a networked two or three pc family easily within the next few years.

Here in Australia it seems that Telstra's Big Pond thinks that we've been on the Internet since 1959.  A surfer received a bill for $1,037 million for non stop use for the last 35 years.  They did apologise for the COMPUTER bungle, but after all Telstra is a phone company so what more can you expect.

Even pc's now are finally showing a bit of life.  Mine actually lives in the kitchen and I suppose that someone thought that beige was a good no nonsense colour for computers, but it really does nothing for the decor, maybe I should graffiti it to look like the new 'five juicy flavours' of the apple iMac's.  I can see it now...the hippy pc, all green with ban the bomb symbols and daisies painted all over it, or the army version in khaki with camouflage all over it, or maybe the serious net users pc in a flourescent colour so you could find it amongst all the coffee cups and snack wrappers that just seem to accumulate.  Or worse still the barbie pc, all bright pink and anorexic.

Talking of Barbie, the icon is turning 40 and apparently is having a mid-life crisis. The newest Butterfly Art Barbie will have a tattoo on her stomach and her friends will wear nose rings.  Typical that Barbie at 40 would have the waistline to sport the tattoo when in real life most of us who have had children would have to have the tattoo artist utilise stretchmarks into the design!

Mid-life crisis is different for some I guess, I've just read where a woman, Nicola Pridham (40) of eastern England is expecting her 20th baby soon.  I suppose it's a great excuse not to have to regain your figure if it's still busy! I suppose dieting wouldn't be a problem with that many kids anyway, you wouldn't have time to sit still long enough to put the kilo's on.  Obviously the study that found that men are most fertile between 5pm and 7pm doesn't mean much in that household, and with all those kids, when DO they get time to procreate????

And lastly a couple of facts to cheer you up on the ageing process. From the age of 35 you start losing brain cells at the rate of 7000 a day.   That's 2,555,000 a year.  These will never be replaced, but the good news is that you can keep what cells you have left in peak condition by making sure you get enough sleep at night....therefore...if you want to stay sane don't waste time in bed doing anything but sleeping :-)

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