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Mumble, Mumble....(Part 14)

Ah...the season of yuletide is upon us yet again and I have to feel sorry for the male of our species.  It turns out that a British Psychologist has done research on the effects of shopping on males and has found that male stress levels soar when the poor things are faced with crowded shopping centres, making gift choices and waiting in long queues. 

Apparently the stress levels were equivalent to facing a major emergency.  Although those who took children showed lower stress levels.   (Go figure!)  Personally I find that taking children along considerably increases my stress levels which only goes to show how opposite our genders really are.  

And talking about taking children shopping, cops in N.Y. stopped a suspicious looking man in a carpark with his son.  The man denied any wrongdoing.  His son had other ideas "My daddy was trying to break into a car - don't lie, daddy!"  I bet his stress levels soared!

Another burglar here in Oz has learnt the lesson of not theiving and drinking....after packing his van with stolen office equipment he decided to reward himself with multiple beers from the fridge.  He was nabbed by police when he was found snoozing in his truck.

Meanwhile the Gnome Liberation Front in France has hit again.  Eleven garden gnomes were found hanging from a bridge in a 'mass suicide'.   Also 73 gnomes escaped their captors and were found in a school where police locked them behind bars until their rightful owners could release them. 

I really have found heaps on the males this time....sorry fella's...but you keep filling the tabloids with your exploits and it's really hard not to find humour in these articles.  Just be thankful that you don't live in Guangzhou, China...under new rules there married men who keep mistresses or visit prostitutes can be sent to labor camps! 


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