.PC with modem,printer & hopefully soon a scanner so I don't have to cadge off friends!
.300MB of memory (because I can't even remember where I left the carkeys this morning)
.1 block of chocolate p.w.
.1 btle Lambrusco
.many cups of tea
.mega mousetraps
This software package was first created in Traralgon, a small town in Victoria, Australia, and now has been re-installed on a PC in a very small town which boasts beautiful views of gentle hills, not far away from the original installation where it has successfully integrated with another application for the last 14 years and downloaded two smaller versions, KS92 and KS94. The software is working solely on the home PC whilst daily scanning the 92 and 94 versions to ensure no viruses are caught. As you can see from the graphic above, this software is definately WYSIWYG, the packaging is a little dented and worn, with the occasional crease, but in all is fairly user friendly.
Since joining the net in September 96, this package has spent some time on PowWow and has become interactive with some other special software, links to all are on the Kitchen Bench.

In January 1997 desire overcame cowardice and this homepage was born using FrontPage97.

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