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Error Numbers and what they mean


Error 404 - file not found. (Try another URL)
Error 405 - sock not found. (Look in the top drawer)
Error 406 - remote control not found (Look amongst the newspapers and stuff)
Error 407 - remote control still not found (Look for your father, it will be attached to him)
Error 408 - dog not found (Put away the dogwash stuff and look under the bed)
Error 409 - sister not found (that funny looking extension on the phone is her)
Error 410 - brother not found (that's him severely glued to the gameboy/nintendo/playstation game controller)
Error 410 - homework not found (Look at latest dog droppings for clue)
Error 411- tie not found (Open your eyes and have a WOMAN'S LOOK in your cupboard)
Error 412 - Mother not found (Look in the kitchen ofcourse, note the chains attached to her ankles)
Error 413-  breakfast, lunch, dinner not found. (Drag mother off computer, re-chain her to sink)
Error 414 - Mother still not found (Error level 1: If chains broken at sink, she's gone shopping, Error level 2: If pc is also missing she's gone for good)