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Feminist Mom Center of the Universe

This is a large homepage dealing with women's issues in a gentle fashion.  There are pages on Motherhood, menstruation, poverty, IOWA, women's links, photos from the 1920's, recipes and much more.

Stay-at-Home Parents

Barbara (on behalf of the Mining Co) has put together a great resource for us stay-at-home types. There are features, chat rooms, newletters, links and bulletin boards.

Midlife Mommies

Rita has put together an all encompassing site for those brave individuals who enter motherhood later. There are many articles, a chat area, individual stories and more.

Brain Candy

Julie has put together two sites full of those ponderables that I love. This site is worthwhile reading.

Barb's Soho Loft

Barb is a fractal artist and enjoys creating beautiful images for the web.

Red's Life in the Big Couch on the muddy Miss

Take a tour of Red's site via her couch, 'doilies' has some great sayings, be a couch potato and fill in her form, or go in search of treasures behind the cushions. A fun site.


Read Almitra's journal and photos as she commences a 12 year trek across the globe armed with a laptop and camera, hoping to break the barriers of racism and hatred and promote cross-cultural trust and understanding. She also has overcome many barriers in her life that would have halted many of us in our tracks. Check out her itinerary, you may meet her yet!

Desire`s African Boma

A site rich in content, like Desire`s life. Learn about South Africa, her poetry, animals and photography.

BlueValley Designworks

Jacqui runs a Website Design company and also showcases her talents in art and html. Two guesses what Jacqui's favourite breed of dog is.

Zoe's Homepage

Zoe is one of the female pioneers of the internet and her page has heaps of very useful links (especially for newbies like me), read Zoe's account of her work as a Store Dectective which is hilarious and don't forget to pick up your free gift.

Moms Online

This lady is amazing, she has 13 kids and still manages a website! Momsonline has advice on parenting, chat rooms and bulletin boards.

Suzi Q "The Rudest Homepage Ever"

It's not really, but it is fun and informative! Suzi's nude photo 'bares' looking at!

New CyberMa's Homepage

A real live grandma on the net, a nice site, like visiting your favourite aunt.

AnonaMomma's Homepage

Sure, she dances on the screen wearing a paperbag on her head, but it's a site rich in sounds, graphics and art. Be patient, it takes a while to load but it's worth the wait.

More links will be added in the near future, if you know a clever Mum on the Web with a page that is unique and informative please e-mail me with the URL.